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New to the North End / Waterfront: Mint Cars On-Demand on Commercial St.

Mint Cars On-Demand Expands Its Car Sharing Service Into the North End/Waterfront
Commercial Street Boston added to current Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville locations

Mint Cars On-Demand, the Boston area’s newest car sharing company launched earlier this year, announced today it is expanding its service into the North End/Waterfront area of Boston with the addition of a location in the parking lot at 290 Commercial Street (across from Sargent’s Wharf ).  Mint allows members to rent cars for as little as one hour up to several days from locations right in the city’s neighborhoods.  The new location adds to Mint’s current Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge footprint and gives Chinatown residents and businesses a less expensive option for car sharing/cars on demand.

The move is part of Mint’s expansion in Boston as it positions itself as a more community-focused, less expensive alternative to both private car ownership and existing car sharing options.

“The addition of our North End/Waterfront location not only provides Mint a great  opportunity to serve a community ideal for car sharing ,” Mint Marketing Director Richard Mulligan said, “it also gives area residents an economical and convenient alternative to owning their own cars and the freedom to go where they want, when they want .”

As with the entire fleet, each vehicle at the location is equipped with Mint’s state of the art onboard technology, which allows drivers to monitor, extend, and/or edit their reservation right from the seat of the car.   Members can also access Mint’s live customer service 24/7 at no additional charge.

Mint currently offers North End/Waterfront residents an introductory offer.  Residents can join at, use the promo code NORTHENDSALES  and receive $25 in free driving credit as well as a free 1-year membership and no application fee (a $90 value).

In the more than 1,000 cities that have programs, car sharing/cars on-demand minimizes the hassle and expense of car ownership for its members.  Estimates show that between parking, insurance and gas costs, car ownership can exceed $12,000 per year. Additionally, by joining Mint, members reduce their Carbon Footprint and ease congestion by taking privately-owned vehicles cars off the road.

About Mint Cars On-Demand
Mint Cars On-Demand offers a diverse fleet of cars, ranging from eco-friendly hybrids, useful pickups, and crossovers to luxury Mercedes-Benzes available 24/7 from neighborhood locations all over the Boston area.   Mint vehicles use state of the art technology allowing the driver to monitor, edit, and/or extend their reservation from the seat of the car while the company provides live, local customer service.  The company was founded in 2008 in New York and expanded into the Boston market in 2011.  For more company information, visit