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NEMPAC’s Pumpkin Painting Event Is A Huge Success With 250 Pumpkins And Kids of All Ages


More than 200 Pumpkins were painted by our youngest friends and neighbors of the North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) on a beautiful fall day in early October. This annual event continues to be possible thru Prince Postale’s generosity and hard work. Thank you to John Sullivan of Prince Postale who donated 125 pumpkins, and sold NEMPAC another 125 at cost.  John also delivered these pumpkins to our door.  It is no small undertaking to purchase at wholesale, and then deliver 250+ pumpkins to a small building in the middle of the Prado!
Thank you to NEMPAC Board Member and neighborhood mom Melanie Crocini who picked up all the paints, drop clothes, canvases, and supplies for the day!
“Our Pumpkin Painting Event is one of my all time favorites,” says NEMPAC executive Director, Rebecca Griffin.  “It is just so great to see kids of all ages and from all the different pockets of the neighborhood coming out and enjoying a fun and creative activity together.”
The annual event is also possible because of donations made the day of the event.  “Our mission is to provide affordable arts related programming to residents of the North End/Waterfront and the surrounding neighborhoods.  We structure the Pumpkin Painting so that participants can make a nominal donation for their pumpkin. Some pitch in a small amount, some pitch in a big amount, and everyone can happily participate!” notes Griffin.
“Look for this event next year,” says Griffin. “In the meantime, check out our other fun happenings on our newly designed website:” (Photos courtesy of NEMPAC.)