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Christopher Columbus Dons a Patriots Sweatshirt to Promote Belichick Documentary


It’s over 80 degrees today, so I’m wondering why Chris needs a sweatshirt until I’m approached by a NFL Network representative at Christopher Columbus Park who gives me a small plastic football and a card promoting “A Football Life,” featuring New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Chris is one of five selected statues wearing the sweatshirts today and tomorrow through a deal between the Boston Parks Department and the NFL Network. A “donation” is being made by the network toward maintaining the statues. Other outfitted statues in Boston with Belichick’s signature hoodie include Mayor James Michael Curley, John Singleton Copley and Copley Square’s tortoise and hare.

The Parks Department did something similar during the Bruins run for the Stanley Cup, but I don’t believe there was a promotional deal involved at that time. Now, it seems, this could become a regular gig.

I told the NFL Network representative that I’m accepting bids for signage on my balcony gnome.

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  1. $$$'s towards the the efforts we expend in the Park's upkeep would be much appreciated by the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park, (FOCCP), also.
    Your GNOME should get at least a sweatshirt, Matt!!

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