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Boston Police Visit Bruin Milan Lucic After Argument With Girlfriend on North End Streets

Neighbors report hearing the commotion outside Starbucks and the Boston Herald fills in the details of the public argument that Boston Bruin Milan Lucic had yesterday with his girlfriend.

“According to the police report, patrons outside the Four Winds bar told them that a female wearing a silver-sequined dress ran up Fleet Street crying while a man in a black T-shirt with No. 22 on it followed behind her. Police questioned Lucic outside his condo and he told them: “My girlfriend is upstairs. We had an argument. We’re fine. Why are you here at my house?” As the officer continued to question Lucic, he “slammed his cell phone to the ground and yelled ‘Do you know who I am?’ ” the police report states.”

The verbal wrangling occurred at 1:30 am Tuesday morning on the corner of Commercial and Fleet Streets. According to Boston Police, Lucic yelled at his girlfriend and threw her shoes while she was on the ground. Lucic’s girlfriend told Police she was not physically harmed. The Herald spoke to Lucic’s marketing representative who says Lucic told him, “Yeah, we created some noise,” but that it was “a complete misunderstanding” and “everything’s great with us.” No charges have been filed.

Read the full Herald article.

The incident comes after an active Labor Day in the neighborhood with Bruins player, Andrew Ferrence, who brought the Stanley Cup to the North End for a celebratory parade and flash mob.