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  1. We have had it with the rock concert beneath our windows when this feast is on. We have recorded a decibel reading of over 100, we have filmed the reading and filmed today's papers to prove the date, and either the City or we as individuals are going to take the feast organizers to court. You are breaking the law. Noise restriction is 70 decibels at all hours. Our condo is rocking from the noise and we can't hear each other speak – in the same room! The decibel reading is 95 on our balcony many floors up! Why should we be chased out of our home every year by excessive noise? Are the feast organisers going to pay for a weekend away? God knows what we'd do if we had a baby, child or elderly person trying to sleep in the front room. And the real problem? You make our home shake with noise for T.H.R.E.E. D.A.Y.S. We are going to bring you down, right down, and pursue your a___ through the courts until you learn to shut it.

  2. I'd say "Had It" is overreacting a bit. How about talking to the benefit society (or the police) so it's better next year? When we were there, it wasn't blasting and was over pretty early.

  3. @ Had it…..if you don't like the feasts why the hell did you move to the North End? They are a part of the culture that makes the North End so special. Next year…save your money and plan on going away on weekends during feast season or sell your condo and move to South Boston or Beacon Hill or the South End or get some cheese to go with that yuppy whine

  4. @ Had it This feast has been celebrated here for 97 years and it isn't going to stop anytime soon even if you threaten to take the society to court.

    Saint Agrippina Di Mineo was a beautiful blond princess who was unmercifully tortured to death by the Emperor Valerian in 256 AD. After her death, her body was taken from Rome to Mineo, Sicily, by three holy women; Bassa, Paula and Agatonica.

    The Greeks also honor her and claim to have relics of her. Sant' Agrippina is the patron saint of thunderstorms, leprosy and evil spirits. Her Feast day is celebrated on the first weekend in August.

    Each year since 1914 this group of devoted people come together to renew their faith in her in Boston's North End, as was the custom in the land of origin, Mineo, Sicily. Each year everyone is invited to witness the respect and honor that is bestowed on this young, beautiful martyred saint.

    All of the other feasts have been celebrated for just as long and some even longer. So get over yourself because your threat "We are going to bring you down, right down, and pursue your a___ through the courts until you learn to shut it" is laughable especially since you lack the ***** to use your real name .

  5. I enjoy the religious feasts too but think the issue is the noise level. Was it legal or not?
    Also, I can't find this saint listed in any Catholic saints/feast day lists. Did she used to be?

  6. @ Heather. If the police were called they would have measured the noise level and if there was a violation the police would have given a ticket to the society. I have my doubts about the veracity of the claims by Had It. I don't know too many people who keep a dosimeter in their condo and if they do ands it really did measure 100 decibels…why not call the police instead of posting this rant on Matts blog threatening to bring the society down if they don't shut up? I think there is an exception to the ordinance when someone has a permit for an event. I can hear concerts on City Hall Plaza someetimes and I live near the Gassy. The Wed movies in the Gassy can be unbearably loud when the windows are open but they have a permit so I close my windows and put on the AC. What difference does it make if St Aggripina is not in some list of Catholic Saints or feast days? The feast has been celebrated in the North End for 97 years. It is part of the traditions that make the North End the North End. If you want to know more about her visit the Saint aggripinna society website. I think Matt has a link in this posting.

  7. Thanks, I visited the website previously and then didn't find the saint listed in the Catholic saints lists which puzzled me. So I thought someone had more info about that. I wasn't at this event myself. If there is an exemption to the noise ordinance in this case, then fine, that's the answer. When I lived on Beacon Hill a few years ago, people got results when they called the police to complain about excessive noise at one or two permitted events on the Boston Common. So I don't know about exemptions. Yes, the first poster was certainly harsh. However, if there is no exemption and the decibel reading was over 100 then I think that puts the noise much louder than a motorcycle and almost to the level of a chain saw. Just living in the North End – or anywhere else in Boston – doesn't mean a person is expected to put up with illegal noise if that's what happened. Everybody has to live together and try to respect other people's rights, including the right to have noisy festivals that go on for days and including the right not to violate the legal noise limit, if that is in fact what happened. Hopefully, the issue will be quickly resolved.

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