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Public Art is a New Focus for the Greenway Parks

The new head of the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy Board, Georgia Murray, wants to bring more public art to the Greenway. Surveys by the Conservancy and Greenway Leadership Council have shown strong support for public art, especially now that planned development proposals have been withdrawn. Introductory research and planning for public art dominated the agenda at this week’s public meeting where Ms. Murray recently became Chair, replacing Peter Meade who is taking over the top spot at the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

In this first video, Kate Gilbert, Conservancy Director of Programs & Public Outreach, reviews the short history and current state of public art on the Greenway parks.

Consulting for the Greenway Conservancy is Mary M. Tinti, who updates the group on notable public art installations in the video below. Ms. Tinti also writes a blog called Dress for Sports.

As part of the public art discussion shown in the video below, Nancy Schon, provides her perspective and experience having created several prominent public sculptures including the famous Boston Public Garden’s “Make Way for Ducklings.”

As noted in the videos, comments regarding public art on the Greenway can be submitted to

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  1. Other than the Ducklings, I found the examples shown of public art in the presentation to be underwhelming. I hope folks realize this is Boston and just copying NYC won't work. Not everything needs to be super-modern (i.e., weird) to be considered public art.

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