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NEWRA Hears About the Beacon Hill Master Plan

Have you ever wondered if there is a master plan? No, not that type of master plan. Rather, a plan for the future of the North End / Waterfront neighborhood and how it will be guided in terms of development, zoning, traffic, public safety, businesses and resident quality of life. Well, there isn’t a plan for the North End. And there wasn’t one in Beacon Hill either. So, the Beacon Hill Civic Association (BHCA) took on the task for their neighborhood and have just started printing brochures after a long, comprehensive process.

In order to learn from the their work, the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) invited the BHCA to present their work and experience in community planning at NEWRA’s May 12, 2011 meeting. In the video above, NEWRA Vice-President Victor Brogna introduces the leaders of the BHCA who discuss the making of the Beacon Hill Master Plan and its aspirations, including:

  • Residents enjoy a livable residential neighborhood in the middle of a vibrant city;
  • Neighbors know each other and are engaged in their community;
  • The mix of residences, businesses, services, institutions, and visitors enhances residential life;
  • Families of all ages and financial capacities thrive;
  • Historic architecture and character are preserved while new technologies and green living are encouraged;
  • Nearby development enhances downtown living.

The BHCA was kind enough to share their slide presentation to NEWRA, which is available for download here as a pdf file.

A user-friendly brochure was also a product of the BHCA’s work, entitled a Plan for the Neighborhood. The cover is shown below. Click to view a pdf file of the brochure.


A Plan for the Neighborhood (pdf file).