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State of the Neighborhood: Sal LaMattina & Aaron Michlewitz Speak to NEWRA

At the April 14, 2011 meeting of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA), both City Councilor Sal LaMattina and State Representative Aaron Michlewitz gave updates on various issues in the neighborhood. Courtesy of NEWRA, videos of both speeches are presented below with a timeline index so viewers can skip to topics of interest.

Sal LaMattina Video – Timeline Index
00:20    Hanover Street Initiatives, Enforcement, One-Way Concept, Chronicle Story
02:00    Cross Street Pedestrian Plaza
02:50    DeFilippo Playground/Gassy Renovations
03:36    Eliot School Expansion*
06:25    Problem Property Taskforce
07:15    Haymarket Pushcarts

*Councilor Sal LaMattina also spoke about the Eliot school in a recent March 30, 2011 City Council meeting. Use this link to view that video: Order for a hearing to examine Boston Public Schools’ policies regarding school transportation, student assignment, and the school lottery process.  (Councilor LaMattina’s comments on school busing are at 43:55 in the meeting video with specific reference to the Eliot School at 57:15. The entire school discussion starts at 26:20 and runs through 1:02:20.)

Aaron Michlewitz Video – Timeline Index
00:00    Introduction

01:55    Greenway Reform
            An Act relative to the Rose Kennedy Greenway (H 1803)

              Renews state commitment to funding the Greenway another 5 years.
              Lowers the maximum state funding to the Conservancy from $5.5M to $4.0M
              Gives the Greenway Leadership Council veto power over the Conservancy Budget.
              Subjects the Conservancy to the State’s Open Meeting and Open Records laws.

06:20    Car Rental Fees – An Act concerning car rental fees (H 782)
            Exempts Boston and Cambridge residents from paying the surcharge on rental cars that goes to the Boston Convention Center

07:45    Trash Bill – An Act relative to the removal or transportation of trash (H 1546)
            Would allow cities and towns (specifically Boston) to set time restrictions on the removal or transportation of trash.
            Co-sponsored with Representative Marty Walz (Boston)

09:35     Hanover Street Initiatives/Enforcement
        Proposed state grant with the City to study traffic on Hanover St.

11:20    Eliot School Expansion
        “Growth of Eliot School is the #1 Issue”