Mitt Romney to Open Campaign Headquarters in the North End

585 Commercial Street – Formerly occupied by Roche Bobois Furniture and once again the national headquarters for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. (NEWF photo)

Mitt Romney will be opening his presidential campaign headquarters at 585 Commercial St. in the North End, according to

This week, Romney announced an exploratory committee to run for President, which allows him to start raising money. (See the video.)

The currently vacant building at 585 Commercial St. was also the base for Romney’s last campaign.

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  1. Instead of looking like Romney-care was a mistake and a big disadvantage, make it an advantage to have done what you've done. You know what is good about your plan and what doesn't work. That's to everyone's advantage.It's a strenght not a weakness!

    Gary Ford Utah

  2. Watched a so called security guard last Sunday harass the DCR workers cleaning the tennis courts & park adjacent to 585 commercial st. The security guard told them they could not be in the parking lot because, this was the Mitt Romney Bldg. Last time I checked, the State of MA owned the park area that was being maintained at the time! Besides, it was Sunday, Memorial Day weekend. Security Guard sounded like a fool, Mitt was in Winnapasaukee I'm sure.

  3. Gov. Romney: To free yourself from the stigma of the Mass. universal health care legislation why not be totally honest and tell all Americans that as governor of Mass. it was your duty to give the people that elected you what they wanted. You did and subsequently found that it was financialy untenable as well the quality of care diminished. America as a whole does not need to repeat a concept that has been proven not to work. Good fortune in your quast for the presidency. I will always be a firm supporter Jack Robinson

  4. Mitt, where the heck have you been during the debt ceiling talks and deal?????? You are the front runner!!! You are supposed to be this economic/business guru and the next leader of our country not to mention the free world! Yet you aren't taking center stage and throwing your differences out there for all to hear. I still want to know how YOU will bring jobs back to the US, keep taxes down, open up oil and alternative energy sources (people don't give a damn about the stock market, when they don't have jobs, all the stock and investment talk means nothing to the average person at the moment). I want to know if you're going to enforce illegal immigration, take all citizen benefits away from illegals (ALL) secure the border.
    What about moving to a flat end user tax???? We could do away with the entire IRS and all it's BS codes too! Does anyone actually even know how much it costs to finance the IRS and all it's endeavors??? An end user tax means everyone that buys something pays for it at the register! No more tax evasion! Tourists and illegals pay too! No more income tax, you keep what you earn PERIOD!!! If the country needs tax revenues, they need to make sure they stimulate more spending, not more taxing!!! Just a few things that I wish you'd address in detail, not a passing rally comment, but in a public message or speech! Oh, and where do you fall on supporting Israel????

  5. Where do you really stand on immigration?

    I want to vote for somebody as President of the USA that is going to put a stop to the illegals coming into this nation and sucking away all our recources and natural resources. Something has got to be done and it can be done. This country has got to have a leader that will stand up to these people that are taking over this country. Please, something must be done.

    Thank you.

  6. What is the e-mail address for the Boston office and the telephone number, please? My family would like to discuss support in New York.

    Thank you,

    Jonathan M. Spatt

  7. Congress has 20% approval rating. Mit should be hitting the political orgaization that we all hate. They have, in practica, immunity against their crimes.

  8. To Mitt Romney,

    The modern-day hysteria surrounding global warming or climate change is likely the biggest hoax in earth history since earlier learned men declared the earth as flat. Back in 1990s many of the same hysterics panicked, thinking the world was heading into the next Ice Age. And more recently Hollywood’s participation in Vice President Gore’s production of “The Inconvenient Truth” made this hoax as believable to the unlearned as Hollywood’s earlier rendition of “The Wizard of Oz”. So before joining today’s hysteria over global warming one must consider it all in the context of a much larger picture–Ice Ages. To learn more google Ice Ages.
    Scientists do not know exactly what causes Ice Ages (or glacial periods), though there is indisputable evidence that there has been at least five ice age cycles in earth history. Scientists, however, have formulated a number of theories about the causes of changes in the earth’s climate. These theories point to either astronomical (or space-based) factors, terrestrial (or earth based) factors, or a combination of both.
    Whatever the cause, most scientists believe the Ice Ages are cyclic and apparently occur in 100,000 to 125,000 year intervals. In that regard scientists also believe that the last Ice Age began to wane 5,000 to 15,000 years age, at least 3,000 years before Christ and certainly long before use of the internal combustion engine or significant amounts of coal or petroleum. Thus the earth is presently warming up toward its next greenhouse environment during its interglacial period following the last Ice Age.
    Why do most people characterize the ultimate warm period as a greenhouse environment? That is because the atmosphere inside a greenhouse is warm and humid, not hot and arid, as characterized by the modern-day global warming hysterics. Scientists agree that during the interglacial period the earth’s mean temperature is warmer, but its atmosphere is humid such as in the tropics. It is during the cold (or glacial) period that the extreme cold is accompanied by an extremely dry atmosphere.
    Some evidence indicates that during one or more past ice ages, ice sheets extended to near the equator and during some past warming periods the ice sheets disappeared almost entirely. You might be surprised to learn that Admiral Bird found a petrified forest near the South Pole.
    The Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation of Salt Lake City, Utah uses DNA to study early peoples’ relationships and their migrations. According to that foundation, people populated Northern and Central Europe prior to the last major Ice Age, but with the onset of that age, however, they retreated to more hospitable regions. Then as the Ice Age began to wane, they migrated back into their previous regions.
    The earth is presently warming up as it continues to recede from the last Ice Age and will continue to do so–with or without mankind’s help–until the next greenhouse environment is reached. Mankind cannot stop it. And as the present global warming phase brings the earth back to its next greenhouse environment, the earth’s plants and animals will simply have to adapt. The majority has before and will again.
    The head of the U.S. Space Program recently got himself into hot water by posing the “politically incorrect” question: “Why should anyone think that the earth’s present climate is more conducive to life than the greenhouse environment that is approaching with the present natural global warming cycle?” Great question!
    MIT Professor Richard Siegmund Lindzen–one of the world’s leading Atmospheric Physicists–said at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, “I must state at the outset that, as a scientist, I can find no substantive basis for the warming scenarios being popularly described. Moreover, according to many studies I have read, by economists, agronomists, and hydrologists, there would be little difficulty adapting to such warming if it were to occur.” And to date his views on the subject have not changed.
    Mitt needs to drop any reference to the modern-day scenarios regarding Global Warming.

    Paul Wagaman
    A Romney supporter

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