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April 2011 Public Safety Meeting: North End Violent Crime Down, Property Crime Up

From left to right: Sgt. Tom Lema, Captain Bernard O’Rourke, Officer Teddy Boyle at the April North End Public Safety Meeting

District A-1 Boston Police reported both good news and bad news at the April North End Public Safety meeting.

The good news: 2011 year-to-date violent crime is down with no homicides, no sexual assaults, only 1 robbery and 1 assault.

The bad news: Property crime is up with 14 burglaries, 29 larcenies and 4 auto thefts in the same period.

Overall year-to-date crime incidents were flat with last year. (See the chart below for monthly category breakdowns provided by District A-1 police.) 

Boston Police Captain O’Rourke reviewed some of the notable incidents:

Burglaries/Breaking & Entering – Police attributed many of the break-ins to be related incidents. There were four incidents on March 28th in the Snow Hill St., Sheafe St. and Hull St. area. Based on descriptions, police have a “person of interest” they believe may be responsible for 8-9 of recent burglaries. Most of the incidents were in the daytime where laptops and jewelry were stolen.

Operation Criss-Cross – In response to the increase in burglaries, police have initiated “Operation Criss-Cross.” At certain times, all available units shows up to certain streets and canvass the entire area. As part of the operation, police perform various field activities, including ticketing while looking out for unusual behavior. Operation Criss-Cross has worked as a deterrent in the past, according to police. In addition, police recommend that residents install dead-bolts rather than simple door locks which are often targeted for break-ins. Front doors with alcoves appear to be especially attractive to burglars.

A break-in occurred on Clark St. where a suspect with the U.S. Navy, assigned to the USS Cole, was heavily intoxicated, broke in and passed out in the basement. An arrest was made by police. Victims agreed to U.S. Navy discipline process which included a reduction in rank, 60 days ship confinement and a $2,000 fine.

On April 4, 2011, police were called regarding a rowdy customer at the Corner Cafe on Prince Street. Outside the bar, the man went wild and assaulted the police officers. An arrest was made. A separate incident occurred at Goody Glovers where two brothers were reportedly assaulting each other.

A Commercial St. resident reported that he was a victim of a recent break-in when the burglar entered his bedroom late at night. A motion detector lit up the room, waking up the victim who chased the suspect out and down the street. The resident thanked the police who responded to the 911 call in five minutes. According to the victim, the suspect popped the door lock to enter the first floor apartment. He describes the suspect as male, 20s-30s, white or hispanic, 5’ 8” with short, cropped hair.

There were 2 arrests made for drug dealing in last 30 days, one on Thacher St. and the other on Hanover St. Police also gave out 228 tickets for moving violations and 348 parking citations.

Officer Teddy Boyle reported there were three loud parties reported in the North End during last 30 days:

  1. 83 Endicott St. – Young professionals were cooperative upon police intervention.
  2. 170 Salem St. – Suffolk students, landlord was notified.
  3. 6 Charter St., Apt. 1 – owner of the apartment had 12 guests, all over 21. Guests were cooperative and left upon police intervention.

Sgt. Tom Lema said that the Problem Properties committee is getting more involved with Inspectional Services regarding an expected increase in roofdeck parties. Resident Bart Higgins asked the police to be more proactive. Residents can report loud parties to 617-635-5500 or call 911.

Captain O’Rourke addressed complaints by Fulton St. residents regarding idling delivery trucks and garbage pick-ups related to the the Spaulding Senior Nursing facility. Sgt. Lema has been meeting with residents and the facility to discuss delivery and trash pick-up procedures.

TBoston Police join North End families on Killington, VT trip. (Click image to enlarge, Photo: Phil Orlandella)he Police Activities League (PAL) joined with North End Against Drugs (NEAD), North End Athletic Association (NEAA) and the Nazzaro Center on a ski trip to Killington, VT. Over 50 adults and children went on the trip, including Captain Bernard O’Rourke, Sgt. Tom Lema and Teddy Boyle.

Sgt. Lema reported on his input to recent community meetings regarding the playground improvements for the Gassy. He has emphasized sight lines and accessibility along with better lighting to improve public safety.

In the discussion period, residents engaged the police on noise issues, blocked handicap ramps, dog waste and street furniture. Captain O’Rourke said he would follow up with Inspectional Services regarding street furniture that is blocking sidewalks. North End Crime Statistics (Click to enlarge, Source: Boston Police)

The North End Public Safety meeting is held on the first Thursday of the month at the Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet St. The meeting is open to the public. View the NE/W Community Calendar for details on meetings and events.

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