North End Residents Help Research Italian Estate Willed to City

North Enders are helping research the Italian estate left by Luciano Visocchi and willed to the City of Boston, recently reported by the Boston Globe.  The article cites an estimated property value of $700,000 which also comes with the responsiblity to take care of the dogs and cats living there, a proposition not favored by Mayor Menino.

The inheritance may be contested, a fact discovered by Elizabeth Dello Russo, a young lawyer of Italian heritage who works in Boston’s legal department.

Not much happened with the will until it reached Dello Russo on the last Friday in February. She gave it to her older sister, Jessica, a linguist who earned a doctorate in Rome. She translated the document that night at the family’s apartment on Fulton Street in the North End, where the five Dello Russo sisters grew up.

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