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Seeking Italian-American War Veterans Who Fought in Italy During World War II

I’m Marco Curti, I’m 30 years old and I work as a researcher and documentarist for different TV production companies based in Rome. Last year I have worked as a footage and stories researcher for these projects:
(see clip below)

And now I’m in NYC and I’m making a documentary about Italian-Americans who fought in WWII.

For this project, I’m searching for Italian-American war veterans still alive who fought in Italy during WWII, and who are willing to share their stories with us. I’m looking for personal anecdotes or personal stories of war and as you know this could be one of the last chance to interview the WWII veterans still alive.

I’ve already found some veterans of X mountain division, other from 82nd airborne and I don’t want to miss OSS veterans because they play one the most important part during the war in Italy. I watched a documentary about OSS (Office of Strategic Services Society) named: “OSS in Italy”. I’m searching for some veterans like those in the documentary.

Do you know more Italian-American veterans for interviews?

I’m available for every further question about me and the project. My English is not really good, but feel free to contact me at

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  1. There are several WWII vets in my American Legion post on Long Island. Some of them have Italian names. Offhand, I don't know of any who served in Italy but will ask around.

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