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Weekly North End / Waterfront Police Blotter

BPD - Boston Police Department Badge LogoReceiving Stolen Property
12/28/10          11:14am
Male suspect to be summonsed to court for receiving stolen property after being stopped at Stillman and Endicott Streets.

12/29/10          7:30pm
Female victim reports her backpack was stolen on Atlantic Ave. by an unknown person. The backpack contained her wallet, credit cards, license and personal belongings.

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2 Replies to “Weekly North End / Waterfront Police Blotter

  1. I would very much like the formal (or is it ad hoc) dog park on Richmond to be grassed. Also, it would be helpful if it was better lighted and marked.
    Thank you.

  2. @Pauline

    That's all very lovely but why are you posting this on the Public Safety Police Blotter report. Wouldn't it make more sense to post something like this on a NEWRA Parks and Recreation committee report or better yet make your request at a neighborhood meeting where someone might be able to give your request consideration?

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