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Another Sexual Assault in North End

Boston Police, BPD LogoAt tonight’s North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council Public Safety meeting, Boston Police reported that another indecent attack against a woman occurred this week on Salem St. in the North End.

On Monday, November 1st at 4:30 pm, a woman reported that a man came up behind her as she was entering her apartment building on Salem Street. As she was entering the hallway, the man grabbed her from behind, touching her inappropriately. The woman screamed and the suspect ran down Charter St. and then over to Henchman St.

Captain O’Rourke said, “the circumstances are similar to past incidents, but the time of day is different.”

Past incidents have been at night, but the sequence of events is the same. The suspect approaches a woman, grabs/touches her, then runs away when the woman screams or fights back.

The suspect is also described in a similar manner: 25-30 years old, around 5’ 6” in height, stocky, Hispanic or dark-skinned and black hair. At the time, he was wearing a blue Red Sox cap, zippered sweatshirt and blue jeans.

Because victim identities are classified in sexual assaults, the police would only say that the incident occurred in the “high numbers” on Salem St. which is near the Old North Church. Police have increased patrols around the area.

“These types of incidents continue to rear their ugly head in the North End,” said O’Rourke. “With the added patrols, we are hoping that we get a call or can respond in time to make an identification. There is no guarantee this is the same guy, but the type of attack is very familiar.”

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2 Replies to “Another Sexual Assault in North End

  1. Sorry, I don't have time to go to these meetings as they coincide w/ my work but…have the police EVER said they even questioned ANYONE on any of these assaults over the last 5+ years? What are they doing? Sorry, but it's time to start calling the authorities to task over this. If I'm a woman in the North End, I'd seriously consider moving.

  2. I lived in the North End for three years and these attacks have been going on long before I moved there. I never once saw added patrols in the North End after these attacks nor did I ever observe any kind of investigation around them. The majority of the attacks didn't even make the news. How many more women of the North End need to get hurt before the city cares?

    I recently moved out of the North End partly because of this threat, but I still have many friends there and I fear for their safety.

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