A Thank You and Clarification on Regional Review Commentary

I want to send a public and heartfelt thank you to Phil Orlandella for his thoughtful commentary in this week’s North End Regional Review. Although this website is an unpaid hobby for me, I put a lot of time into the posts and it is very gratifying to be recognized within the community.

As many of you know, Phil is our long-time neighborhood reporter at the North End Regional Review, a weekly paper that he also previously owned. Every Tuesday, I look forward to picking up my copy at the Golden Goose to see what Phil has in store for us that week.  One of the benefits of doing this website is getting to know people like Phil that really care about the neighborhood.

After receiving numerous questions, I want to clarify that the name of my website is The commentary referred to a different website, named, owned and operated by Guild Nichols. It was recently re-launched with a snazzy new design and format. I highly recommend you check it out. Other than sharing headline links on a neighborly “gratis” basis, I have no involvement in the operations of

Here at, I am dedicated to bringing readers the “news and views” for Boston’s North End and Waterfront community. In addition to my own posts, I welcome your news and photos which can be sent to If you are interested in becoming a regular reporter or commentator, please let me know.

Thank you again to Phil Orlandella and all the fans of I am humbled by your support.

You can read the Regional Review commentary here.

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  1. May be a good idea to request a correction in the Regional Review, since those who have made it to this site know the correct URL.

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