2010 Trellis Lighting at Christopher Columbus Park – Photos


The Friends of Christopher Columbus Park hosted the annual trellis lighting with cookies, coffee, hot chocolate and songs by the NEMPAC Choir and Ray on accordion. Parks Commissioner Toni Pollack and FOCCP President Joanne Hayes-Rines led the countdown this year, with a little help from Santa. FOCCP replaced all the lights this year, after four years of use from the old ones. In addition to the Trellis, lights were added to several trees and the around the rose garden. The lights will stay on through March. View all the photos.


Click here to view the photo gallery from the trellis lighting event.

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  1. Thanks Joyce! Yes, I took those shots. I forget to add that sometimes. The trellis is particularly difficult to photograph, with the blue surrounded by darkness. I was talking to some professional photographers at the event and they gave me some tips.

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