7 Replies to “Feeding of the Elephants on October 14th

  1. @ Heather. Why are you trying to politicize THE CIRCUS? This is an event that has been going on in the North End for years much to the delight of children of all ages, residents and tourists. (probably the only ones who don't like the elephants on Hanover Street are the guys who have to clean up all that elephant dung) . Can't you worry about something more important that is going on in Boston …like mass murders, rampant drugs, filthy streets, increased homelessness, deteriorating infrastructure, childhood hunger, unemployment, home foreclosures, the giant hole in the ground in downtown crossing, etc. etc.?

  2. Joyce, can you enjoy seeing these elephants when you know the abuse they are suffering behind the scenes at the hands of Ringling Brothers employees? People used to like to watch dancing bears until they saw videos of how they were abused. Then the practice was banned. There's nothing political about exposing animal abuse. And I think we can easily care about more than one issue at a time. As you know, I have posted about other issues. We can agree to disagree on this one.

  3. Whoever the PETA person was that dressed up as an elephent and was hanging outside St. John's school trying to convince the LITTLE KIDS not to go to the circus should be ashamed of his/her self.

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