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“This Movie is Nothing if Not a Long Apology to the North End”

That was the quote in the Boston Herald from Ben Affleck during an interview for his “Made in Boston” movie, “The Town” opening this weekend.

“The community is extremely powerful politically in the North End, whereas if you’re (filming) in Dorchester you wouldn’t be getting the same kind of push-back from the municipal authorities. So it was very difficult for us,” Affleck said. “We needed to be very judicious about how we worked in the North End. When you’re blocking up traffic, where we parked, how much we smashed, how much we burned the cars – it just got very, very hard to do. Then to make matters worse – it rained. So we kept postponing and postponing.”

So, in Dorchester they don’t mind how much you smash and burn the cars?

View the movie trailer for “The Town:”

Relive the North End filming from last summer:

3 Replies to ““This Movie is Nothing if Not a Long Apology to the North End”

  1. At first, having movies filmed in the neighborhood was kinda cool. Now it's just a pain. When you want to park your car in a parking space you pay for through the nose and you can't get to your space because some movie is filming at 10 PM…yeah, he should apologize.

  2. I've heard car owners vocie the same complaints because of the various Festivals during the summer.
    I think both films and festival enhances the living in the North End.
    Whatever minor temporary inconvence it may be to some, it benefits many more. especialy neighborhood businesses.

  3. I can show us quiet places where the tourists never come, the festivals are nonexistent, the film makers never ever notice, and the parking is unlimited and free. I'll bet you'd want to be back here in a heartbeat.

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