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Parcels 7 & 9 RFP Guidelines Advisory Committee Convenes for First Meeting

Parcels 7 & 9 RFP Guidelines Advisory Committee at the Mariner’s House. (Photo: Phil Orlandella)
Parcels 7 & 9 RFP Guidelines Advisory Committee at the Mariner’s House. (Photo: Phil Orlandella)

The first of five meetings was held this week by the Parcels 7 & 9 RFP Guidelines Advisory Committee. The goal of this committee is to prepare “request for proposal” guidelines that would be used by the State to issue a bidding document for developers.

Parcels 7 & 9 are in the “Market District” near Haymarket and adjacent to Blackstone Street and the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. A parking garage already exists on Parcel 7 around a tunnel vent with the ground floor designated for a local food market. Parcel 9 is currently empty and went through an RFP bidding process last year that did not result in the selection of a developer.

Committee members include: Nancy Brennan (Greenway Conservancy), Dan Nuzzo (Greenway Leadership Council), Nancy Caruso (North End Central Artery Advisory Committee), Ryan Kenny (North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council, filled in by Mario Alfano at this meeting), Victor Brogna (North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association), Ottavio Gallotto (Haymarket Pushcart Association), Tad Stahl (Beacon Hill Civic Association), Bob O’Brien (Downtown North Association), Dr. Claudio Kraus (Faneuil Hall Merchants Association), George Thrush (Architecture and Urban Design, NorthEastern University), Kathy West (Sr. VP Real Estate, Partners Healthcare), Peter O’Connor (MassDOT), John Romano (MassDOT), Drew Leff (GLC Development Resources). An invitation by the committee to the North End Chamber of Commerce did not receive a response.

Meeting topics will be as follows:

Meeting 1: Review Background and Issues (September 15)

Meeting 2: Review Analysis of Previous Proposals (September 29)

Meeting 3: Review Economics, Benchmarks, Feasibility

Meeting 4: Discuss Proposed Guidelines

Meeting 5: Build Consensus on Guidelines

At the end of the five meetings, a draft RFP will be prepared and reviewed before submitting it to bid. Once proposals are received, the advisory committee will select one or more preferred developers for the two parcels.

The next meeting of the advisory committee is scheduled for September 29, 2010, 6:00 pm at the Mariner’s House, 11 North Square. See the Community Calendar for other upcoming meetings.

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