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Clean Streets Committee Discusses Green Tickets and Street Cleaning

NEWRA’s Clean Streets Committee discussed this week the many issues associated with improving the cleanliness of the neighborhood, including the new green ticket law and the possibility of year-round mechanical street cleaning.

GreenTicketGreen Ticket Law Enforcement
Now that unpaid green ticket fines are being added to property tax bills, there has been increasing debate on enforcement. Neighbors report there are two sides to the problems with the green tickets. Some consistent violators are not being ticketed while other properties are being unfairly targeted.

Some property owners report that trash is often left in front of their building and they receive the green tickets. Code enforcement is supposed to go through the trash bags to find the proper address, but this is a hit or miss solution. Owners feel it is unfair for the fines to be added to their property tax bill, but do not feel they have any information to defend an appeal.

Co-chair Naomi Paul noted that code enforcement is the key to the issues and will be invited to a future meeting. In the meantime, residents can report problems to

The committee talked about how to notify new residents that have just started renting in the neighborhood. Using the water bill list from the City of Boston, a mailing was recently sent to property owners with the trash tips sheet. In some cases, the notice was intended to go to building management companies.

Year-round Mechanical Street Cleaning
The topic of continuing mechanical street cleaning in the winter (past October) is controversial because some residents feel it is a major imposition to have to move their cars. Others believe that the streets will never be clean in the winter without having the cars moved so the cleaners can get to the curb. Some residents asked that the manual labor hoakeys be continued through the winter. City officials are expected to propose the details of the year-round street cleaning program in the near future.

Good Neighbor Recognition Award Goes to Anthony’s
The winner of the September 2010 award goes to Anthony’s Café on the Waterfront. The pink-colored breakfast and lunch café is located on the corner of Commercial and Fleet Streets. Other finalists were Lucia’s and Strega, both on Hanover St. The August 2010 award was presented to North Bennet Street School. Nominations for future awards can be emailed to

3829669-4365547-thumbnailRat Report
Although not able to be present, Anne Pistorio submitted a written report on the continuing battle against the neighborhood rodent infestation. She noted that the City of Boston had to supplement feast cleaning efforts this year. Janet Gilardi thought the rat situation was better during the feasts and has improved since Pedro Torres had been on the job. Luigi DeMarco of Caffe Graffiti also thought the rat situation had improved lately.

The next Clean Streets Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 7:00 p.m. at the Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet St. More information can be found at