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Beware Pellet Gun Shots From Copps Hill Cemetery Area

A neighbor contacted me asking that his/her name not be used, but gave me permission to publish the following information to inform others and raise awareness around the Copps Hill burial ground area.

A very unpleasant/scary incident occurred last night. A few nights ago, between 9:00 and 9:30 a gun was fired on Snowhill St. and two bullets went through my screen window and whizzed past my right ear.  I was stunned and feeling really frightened. I immediately called the Boston Police.  When they came to my apartment they found two perfectly round holes in the screen and suggested it was not live ammunition, but pellets.

Copps Hill Cemetery Aerial (Click to enlarge)
Copps Hill Cemetery Aerial (Click to enlarge)

The police that visited suggested the shots came from the Copps Hill cemetery. I was feeling really unsafe, couldn’t sleep, closed all the windows and darkened the house and didn’t know what to think.  I just couldn’t sleep.

I just could function and early the next morning, I talked to another detective who was very understanding about the situation.  He told me that just before I called, another person reported a similar incident on Tileston St. The police sent another detective to my house and together we searched the house for bullets/pellets.

This detective was sure that the shots came from the cemetery and in fact found one of the “pellets.”  They were yellow plastic “bee bee” pellets. They really can pick up quite a bit of velocity and injure someone.

I have asked the police as well as the Park Rangers to please have our cemetery trees pruned so at least we can see when folks are up there causing havoc. I was told my request would be put on a list and it was up to the arborist to determine whether the trees needed pruning.

I want to warn our good neighbors in the North End that this is going on. This happened on Snowhill and Tileston Streets this week around 9 p.m. These pellets have broken through screen windows and can cause injury.

I am scared to sit near the window while I’m watching T.V.!  What an experience!  A really scary incident!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this information. I live in the area and have heard what sounds like this type of activity. On the one hand, glad to hear its kids with pellets, on the other, scared to keep my windows open since they will go right through a screen. Let's hope these kids find something better to do.

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