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Sorry, No Bailout for NE Restaurants Looking for Gulf Shrimp

Kenneth Feinberg, the Gulf oil spill claims czar with a $20 billion pot of money, ran through a few scenarios of claims that might and might not be paid out. Unfortunately, the reimbursement outlook for North End restaurants unable to get Gulf shrimp is “highly unlikely.”

CNN Money reports:

At the Economic Club in Washington, D.C., this week, Feinberg presented a few hypothetical scenarios:

  • A restaurant in the North end of Boston that can’t get Gulf shrimp. Feinberg’s vote: “Highly unlikely.”
  • A motel on a beach where there’s oil. Feinberg’s vote: “Pay them. Pay the claim.”
  • Business at a golf course 50 miles from the Gulf is down 30%. Feinberg’s vote: “Dubious.”

Feinberg is a Boston native.