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Old North Garden Memorial Garden Update

Bruce Brooksbank gives an Old North Church Memorial Garden report in ONC’s E-Pistle:
It has been a busy season in the Iraq/Afghan Memorial Garden.

The landscape has been changed to enhance the viewing experience.  With Lisa Ayres’ assistance most of the ferns, lilies and hospice were transplanted to elsewhere on the property and replaced with red azaleas.

Subtle symbolism includes red flower representing sacrifice, and the red mulch representing the blood-stained earth from which peace (white flowers) would grow.  The scattered stones are a liberal take on the Jewish tradition of leaving small stones at a grave-site with the “hope stone” occupying a dominate position.

Old North Memorial Garden
Old North Memorial Garden

During Harborfest weekend 500 dog tags where hung with the help of Roshon Ponnudurei and about 200 visitors.  About half of the volunteer visitors were children.  Adult volunteers included:

– Three seabees in full white uniforms
– A gentleman who hung a tag in honor of a cousin who died in Viet Nam
– Several parents whose child are either currently deployed, recently deployed or soon will be deployed.
– A husband and wife, she recently returned after deployment with Air National Guard.
– Young lady in urban attire, after she strung a tag said that she had lots of practice with her own tags while serving in navy.
– A chain with about a hundred tags was placed by a National Guard Lieutenant who returned from deployment.

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