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NEWRA ZLC Committee Agenda for July 27th

Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee
Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 7:00 PM
The Pilot House, 2 Atlantic Avenue

Zoning and Licensing Applications
7:00 PM – 7:20 PM
76 Salem Street, Cafe Nuovo, Vincent Ferrara has applied to the Licensing Board for a new C.V. 7-day Malt and Wine license to be exercised in a proposed new restaurant on the premises, with no bar.  The application filed with the Licensing Board calls for a 2:00 AM closing hour, 7 days.

ZLC Updates and News
7:20 PM – 7:40 PM

Brief updates on the following:

  • BWSC construction to remediate groundwater levels at Atlantic Avenue, Fulton Street and Richmond Street.
  • Modifications to vehicular use of Cross Street Plaza
  • Hazardous cargo truck route study commissioned by the Boston Transportation Department and possible NEWRA next steps.

BRA’s Recommended Use and Development Guidelines along the Greenway

7:40 PM – 8:10 PM
On July 19, 2010, the BRA held a community meeting at the Mariners House on its Greenway District Planning Study’s Use and Development Guidelines.  On July 20, 2010, the BRA Board of Directors voted to defer a decision on the guidelines.  The ZLC Committee will discuss further steps NEWRA may take regarding several concerns it has raised to the BRA relative to recommended zoning changes along the Greenway in and near the North End and Waterfront districts.

NEWRA Alcohol Licensing Policy
8:10 PM – 8:40 PM
The Committee will continue its review of the NEWRA Alcohol Licensing Policy and consider recommending further changes to it.  On July 8, 2010, NEWRA members voted to approve the ZLC and Executive Committees’ recommendation to amend the policy with respect to hours of operation.

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