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HazMat Trucks Back in the North End


The return of hazmat trucks to the North End on July 1st was reported by WBZ-TV last night. Click here to view the video clip. 

State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz is interviewed in the piece, noting the safety concerns. “You see a truck go by, sometimes they’re blowing through red lights because they can’t stop in time.” Resident Jesse Feldberg is also quoted, “The traffic congestion would be a concern, the possibility of an accident.”

hazmatwbzpicjune2010See this previous post for details on the “compromise” between the regulators and the trucking industry. HazMat Trucks Set For Daytime Return to North End Streets on July 1st

The HazMat Taskforce has also issued the following update to local residents and businesses.


The feedback from the July 1st compromise agreement has been overwhelmingly negative on the part of North End/Waterfront residents. The documents show:

•         The ban on daytime travel through the City has been lifted. Only weekday rush hours are banned: 7-9am and 4-6pm.
•         A “compromise” allows Hazardous Cargo (HC) trucks to use BOTH Commercial Street AND Cross Street. (View the City’s Press Release)
•         The MMTA (Trucking Lobby) and MassDOT strongly encourage trucks to use Cross Street as the preferred route.
•         The FMCSA (Federal Transportation Department) begs off any authority to dictate the route. They insist that the City must return to its prior-approved route (Commercial Street as used during the Big Dig). We believe trucker impatience with traffic will cause both routes to be used at will.
•         The procedures take effect July 1, as the City’s safety study moves forward.
•         The study results will be turned over to MassDOT possibly by late summer. MassDOT is responsible for public hearings and a final route decision, at which time a proposal for the final route will be presented to FMCSA for approval.

When the hazardous cargo (HC) trucks begin their extended time driving through Boston on July 1, we will have a serious new safety issue in our neighborhood. The Task Force suggests the following:

Community-wide monitoring of HC truck safety
Please travel with your camera and your notepad. Report any unsafe or illegal HC truck activity to Commissioner Tom Tinlin at the Boston Transportation Department and to the North End/Waterfront HazMat Taskforce.

Email addresses are:
thomas.tinlin@cityofboston.gov and hazmatters2010@yahoo.com (the Taskforce will keep a log)
If you prefer to call: 617-635-4810. To fax: 617-635-4295
You may also report to www.hazmatters.eboard.com under Monitoring HC Truck Safety if you wish to remain anonymous.

Please include a registration number and a description of the HC truck, if possible. Examples of items you should report immediately.
•    speeding
•    failure to yield at crosswalks
•    red light running
•    travel over center lane
•    missing tail or head lights
•    absence of turn signal use
•    bald tires
•    driver on cell phone
•    rude driver behavior or excessive noise
•    use of routes during illegal time slots: weekdays, 7-9am and 4-6pm
Please also report any building damage or malfunction, or broken items within units because of HC truck vibration.

Post this Notice: We would also appreciate it if you could spread the word and post this flyer in your residential building or business window. Click here to view and print the flyer (pdf).

Again, thank you for your interest and support.  Please also keep those letters to Washington flowing! More information can be found at www.hazmatters.eboard.com.

Mario Alfano (for the “No HC” Taskforce)