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Congratulations to Post-Gazette on 115 Years of Continuous Publication!

Post-Gazette Columnist Freeway Sports a Favorite Outfit Below and Sends Best Wishes on the 115th Anniversary of Continuous Publication! (Photo by Marie Simboli)

“HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” to the Post-Gazette as they celebrate 115 years of continuous publication.

“One hundred and fifteen years ago, an Italian immigrant who arrived in Boston when he was only 16 years old saw the realization of his fondest dreams, to establish an Italian language newspaper that would be the genuine voice of the increasing flow of Italians to the United States. The boy was James V. Donnaruma, the newspaper was LA GAZZETTA DEL MASSACHUSETTS which is now published in English as the POST-GAZETTE.”

Read the story by current publisher Pam Donnaruma continues the tradition.

4 Replies to “Congratulations to Post-Gazette on 115 Years of Continuous Publication!

  1. Joye I know I am such a ham but I love you anyway. Your right on top for a comment and always a nice one too. thanks Freeway

  2. My grandparents lived on Prince St during the 1930’s. She was Italian and died at the young age of 33. Is there a way to get her obituary from this time period? I can’t find out where she was buried. I thought since your paper is 115 yrs old you would possibly have something on this. Her name was Ada Alessio Cole.

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