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WBUR Reports on the Greenway as a Waterfront Gateway taped an audio piece examining the question of whether the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway is fulfilling its goal of being a gateway to Boston Harbor.

“Here’s what we found: There’s a lot in the way. Office buildings, a hotel, a garage, the stockade fence in front of the Harbor Tower, even trees can really block the view. Over the course of our journey — 3,474 feet — only one-fifth of the time did we have any kind of view of the water. And for less than 150 feet did we actually get a good, steady view of the harbor front.”

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The article also reviews the status of the Harbor Garage site where owner Don Chiofaro has proposed 600’ towers (with a 100’ opening to the waterfront). The City’s recently released guidelines cap the height to 200 feet on the Harbor Garage site. WBUR’s webpage contains an interactive shadow tool of the Wharf District Greenway area showing net new shadows from a 200’ building on the site of the existing Harbor Garage. Click on the image below to change the times and dates.