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North End Beach – Photos from 1927

As part of the burgeoning historical photo gallery on, we recently acquired some fascinating 1927 pictures of the old North End Beach/Park where now exists the Mirabella Pool, Puopolo Ball Fields and Langone Park. Besides the stylish bathing suits and masses of North End kids, notice the overhead tracks on Commercial Street in the background.

Thanks to the efforts of Anne Pistorio and Aaron Schmidt at the Boston Public Library.

The photo below shows the same location, over 80 years later, with a still packed Mirabella Pool.

Today’s North End’s Mirabella Pool on Boston Harbor (Photo by Matt Conti)

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2 Replies to “North End Beach – Photos from 1927

  1. So the North End actually had a beach but demolished it to create a baseball park and a swimming pool? Sad.

  2. I wonder about the thinking behind land-filling the beach to make room for a pool and a ballpark. I wonder when it was done & if there are any documents describing the decision.

    I’d always imagined the wall along Commercial street to be a WPA product. Now that I know it’s all landfill there,I better understand the poor drainage in the field & along the HarborWalk section (which I’ve noticed is awash in harbor water during astronomically high tides qute often these days….

    Now that the harbor’s cleaner & the Mass Oyster Project is reseeding with oysters (& having good success) wouldn’t it be fun if there were a beach there?

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