NEWRA Meeting Agenda – June 10, 2010

NEWRA Logo ClearNorth End/Waterfront Residents’ Association
Date: Thursday, June 10, 2010
Time: 7:00 PM
Location:  Nazzaro Center
30 North Bennet Street

Reports: 7:00 PM – 7:15 PM
•       President’s Report
•       Reports from City Hall:
–  Nicole Leo, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services
–  Kathy Carangelo-McIsaac, Councilor Sal LaMattina’s Office
•       Membership Committee
•       Clean Streets Committee
•       Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee
•       Committee on Parks and Public Spaces

“What’s Your Number” Returns to the Neighborhood: 7:15 -7:30 PM
“What Your Number” needs to return to the neighborhood, Saturday, June 19 – 8am-6pm, Cooper St., for further production involving a camera mounted on a mini remote helicopter (approx 6 feet long) on the roof of 11 Cooper street, with the rig rising up and getting shots looking over 14 Cooper toward the downtown skyline. They will permit 10 spaces on Cooper St. for equipment and displace the parking in the Cooper St. Lot. There is also a small chance the production will need to return again on Wednesday, July 7 – 3pm to 9 pm, to re-stage the “Italian Wedding”, holding spaces on Prince St, Thatcher St, and Salem St., displacing parking at Parcel 7 garage, with a Prince St closure and a police detour down Thatcher during filming; representatives of the production will also take feedback from the neighborhood on the production, which NEWRA will then formally communicate to the City as “Lessons Learned” to make improvements for any future productions.

Zoning and Licensing Applications: 7:30 PM -7:50 PM
76 Salem Street, formerly Paesano Restaurant, Nick Cerundolo plans to open a new restaurant in this long-vacant space and has applied to the Boston Licensing Board for a new beer and wine license with hours of operation no later than 11:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and midnight Friday and Saturdays.  The plans do not include a bar.  The previous beer and wine with cordials license operated by Paesano’s Restaurant and earlier by Ristorante D’Amore, which included a 2:00 AM closing hour, was transferred out of the neighborhood several months ago.  A new license at this location will increase the total number of pouring licenses in the neighborhood to 91, by the ZLC Committee’s count, of which three are not in active use (restaurants Eclano, Grezzo and Hot Tomato, all closed).  NEWRA’s Alcohol License Policy caps the number of pouring licenses at 91, approved by NEWRA members in February 2006.

Neighborhood Issues
BRA Greenway District Planning Study: 7:50 PM-8:15 PM
The Association will review, discuss and vote on authorizing the Executive Committee to send a comment letter on the BRA’s draft development guidelines for the Rose Kennedy Greenway corridor. The draft guidelines address height and density ranges, building uses and environmental impacts, and apply to Cross Street parcels along the North End parks, the Harbor Garage and Government Center redevelopment parcels and other potential development sites along the Greenway.

Hazardous Material Trucks in the Northend/Waterfront: 8:15 PM-8:45 PM
The Association will review, discuss and vote on sending a letter to the US Secretary of Transportation, City of Boston and Commonwealth of Massachusetts supporting the City’s request for a 15-month extension to enable the City to follow the mandated federal process to determine the appropriate route for the transportation of hazardous materials, opposing the use of Commercial Street during the extension, and requesting a complete ban on hazardous- material trucks using the North End/Waterfront neighborhood as a through route.

Click to view draft of NEWRA Letter Regarding Hazardous Material Trucks in North End/Waterfront (pdf)

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