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Greenway Center & North End / West End Supermarket Remains In Flux

Casey Ross at the Boston Globe is reporting that the assigned developer for the Greenway Center, Hines Raymond, has defaulted on its agreement to build at the Bullfinch Triangle. The developer did not start construction in the last two years and recently missed rental payments. Hines Raymond had proposed a $200mm project with a 10-story building and Stop & Shop supermarket on the ground floor. The default opens the door for a new developer. According to Ross,

“the state wants to replace Hines Raymond with Trinity Financial Inc., which built the Avenir apartments there last year, and finished second in the initial bidding for the Greenway Center site, in which it proposed housing and a supermarket.”

CBT Architect rendering of the Hines Raymond project for Greenway Center.
CBT Architect rendering of the Hines Raymond project for Greenway Center.

Bullfinch Triangle is the triangle shaped sliver of land at the end of the Rose Kennedy Greenway, roughly located between Merrimac Street, Canal Street, and Causeway Street across from the TD Garden.

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz is quoted in the article in support of a supermarket.

“I would like to have the community take another look at Trinity’s proposal, but if they are building a supermarket, that is a large part of what the community was expecting as part of this development,’’ he said.

Separately, on another parcel abutting the Greenway, Paul McMorrow inks an op-ed on the blighted history and outlook for Parcel 7, the Haymarket garage.

“City officials have plans to convert the entire Haymarket area into a market district, anchored in the vacant space behind Parcel 7’s dusty first-floor windows. A new year-round Boston Public Market would complement the existing Haymarket pushcarts. These plans can’t move forward until the state relinquishes control of Parcel 7. The current timetable calls for this to happen around the end of the year.”