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Clean Streets Committee Hears from ISD, Recognizes “La Summa” and Applies for Funding


The Clean Streets committee met this week at the Nazzaro Center for its monthly meeting to discuss progress on several initiatives.

North End Clean-up
Attendees had a mixed response to whether the neighborhood is seeing the improvements from the City’s new initiative. Some streets are definitely cleaner, while others continue to seem neglected.

John Meaney from Inspectional Services attended the meeting and reported that Code Enforcement is giving out 5-6 Green Tickets per night.
Resident Michael Bloomer quipped, “Six tickets is not getting the job done.” The committee thought there were many more violations than tickets being issued. The ticket and appeal process is “mirroring the transportation ticket system,” according to Meaney. “Unfortunately, we can’t deputize residents.”

With the new Green Ticket ordnance in effect, landlords will see unpaid fines added to their tax bill. The North End has about 1,200 buildings, with estimates of 70% being owned by absentee landlords. The high number of absentee landlords is contributing to the problem, according to residents.

The committee is looking at how to get the “Trash Tips” sheet posted inside buildings before the new “rental” season starts in August and September. Click here to view the North End Trash Tips sheet (pdf).


Residents and landlords that want extra large “Trash Tips” refrigerator magnets for their buildings should contact Chris Young from the NE Chamber of Commerce or another committee member will drop off magnets to those who request them. Most realtor offices in the North End have a supply on hand as well.

Trash pickers continue to be a problem because they rip open trash bags during the night, giving the rats an easy meal. John Meaney said this was a police problem when it reaches the level of creating a nuisance or destroying property.

Good Neighbor Recognition Award

The June 2010 Good Neighbor award goes to … drum roll … “La Summa Ristorante” on Fleet Street, owned by Barbara Sullivan. The restaurant was credited with keeping their property clean on a daily basis. Other finalists from this month included MFI Market (Salem St.) and N. Bennet Street School. These properties will continue to stay on the nominee list for future consideration.

Smoke Pots
The NE Chamber of Commerce is providing complimentary smoke pots at locations throughout the neighborhood. The pots are being maintained by nearby business owners. If you see a location that could use a smoke pot, email

Rodent Control
Anne Pistorio presented “Creolin” to the committee, a outdoor sanitary cleaner available at the Green Cross pharmacy. The formula is used to clean sidewalks and has a fresh scent. Pinesol was also mentioned as an alternative. Pistorio reviewed several rat sightings, noting a relatively new infestation along the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Clean Streets Applies for Funding Grant
Mark Paul announced that the committee has applied for a grant worth $9,000 to fund the development of a postcard with a picture of a rat and general cleanliness measures. The money would fund the design, printing and mailing of the flyer to North End residents.

The next Cleans Streets meeting is scheduled for July 13, 2010, 7 p.m. at the Nazzaro Center. The committee welcomes all interested residents and business owners.