Surprise Fireworks on Harbor For Liberty Mutual Conference

Who knew that risk managers could make so much noise? The Monday night fireworks caught residents by surprise when the booms starting going off around 9pm. Liberty Mutual (yes, the one receiving $16 million in tax breaks from the city) hired Atlas Fireworks to shoot off a big fireworks show from a barge in Boston Harbor. The event was to entertain its attendees at a Risk Management Conference in town.

Well, sounds like it was a terrific show. Too bad so few people enjoyed it. This is not the first time that these “not-so-private” shows have not been announced to the public. Do they think no one will notice? Reports indicated that these fireworks were heard for miles and miles around.

Here is some reaction from Fabulously Out There: The Economy Must Be Great, Liberty Mutual

One Reply to “Surprise Fireworks on Harbor For Liberty Mutual Conference

  1. I thought Liberty Mutual was celebrating the recent statements of their friend Senator Brown on financial reform. Brown obviously has Liberty Mutual’s back.

    Seriously, the public should have been notified that LM was planning this noise extravaganza. I watched the fireworks from my living room. Nice fireworks but it would have been even nicer if the taxpayers had their millions of dollars back.

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