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Segway Debate on Emily Rooney Show & Boston Gliders Latest Promotion

The debate regarding Segways on North End streets and the Rose Kennedy Greenway is reviewed in this video of the Emily Rooney show. Councilor Sal LaMattina and a Segway Inc. representative discuss the issue and the ongoing defiance by Boston Gliders, a franchise operation operating out of Mercantile Wharf on Commercial Street.

A concerned reader also sent in a link to a GROUPON promotion by Boston Gliders that advertises a discounted tour through the Greenway. The Greenway Conservancy and city officials have specifically banned Segways, along with all motorized vehicles and bicycles from the Greenway parks. The one-day promotion was bought by 4,330 people for use within one year.

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9 Replies to “Segway Debate on Emily Rooney Show & Boston Gliders Latest Promotion

  1. Allan should quit riding his Segway and start walking and going to the gym. And the city should revoke his business license and outlaw Segways from the North End. They are a nuisance and a hazard.

  2. Once again let me say thank you for all the cool publicity. The phones are ringing and the people are comming.

    To address the greenway, we have looked at thier rules and even with all thier effort to exclude the use of public property that was developed with federal money. They have missed a critical point a Segway per the state and federal government is not a motor vehicle. Also per the federal consumer affairs board the Segway is a consumer device. With that being said thier rules as outlined do not apply to the Segway. I’m sure they will attempt to back to the drawing board and revamp thier wording or approved uses. I’m sure by then someone like the department of justice will step in and inform them of thier federal law violations.

    It’s funny how Sal could not make it to public spots like radio shows where I was present but then ask Wgbh to tape me and have Sal and someone from Segway show up in studio. The best is still gave no real answers. Or a plan. So to sum it up Boston Gliders over 10k tours and a great safety record. The city well let’s see someone may get hit? Someday? It’s still the kids and old people. The neighborhood it’s the parking. And Segway it’s that I’m more popular than they are "the face of Segway" pretty cool still waiting for my royalty check.

    Heather I can’t forget you all I can say is stay off the hatorade.

    Can’t wait till tomorrow another day of gliding. Oh and another 100 people going out on segways. And 30 in Cambridge. Don’t you love it.

  3. I’m a fan of Segways and think they should be allowed on sidewalks and in parks…just not on the narrow, busy sidewalks in the North End and other parts of the city.

    So, I’m disheartened by the activities of the fellow who runs Boston Gliders. His combativeness won’t result in a win for him, and may result in all Segways being banned from the city.

    I wish a smarter business person had been the first to open tours in Boston. Someone who worked with (instead of against) the communities where there were tours, could have found it possible to have Segways work as an option for Boston. Unfortunately this fellow is a bully who is alienating neighborhood residents, the Greenway managers, city government and even the Segway corporation itself.

    I hope it’s not too late for a Segway tour operation to come to Boston and do it right. It is possible to design a great tour of this city on wider/safer streets, but it takes a smart owner – not a bully – to do this.

  4. Karen did you miss the the number? 4k+ sa;es that means 4000 local people. did you see the hearing 4 count them 4 hators came out against the segway. The whole city only 4? Karen the fact is that the neighborhood association and the city are trying to bully an up and comming company and we are not going for it!

    We are always hiring maybe you could come apply for the CEO jobb and run Boston Gliders I bet if we hired a Sal Lamontina relative our problems would disapear? Still up for the job apply at Maybe you can be the next face of Segway!

    Im not the owner, I am the Public Relations Person, and what is priceless is listening to people who continue to talk with out facts!

    We do love all the publicity our problem is now we need to hire mors staff to answer phones, train adventure participants and do media interviews. If this continues we are going to have to open another location Hanover street would be awesome!

    Still waiting for that response Sal?


  5. The 10,000 tours number is pure fiction (like most of the Trip Advisor reviews) but I’m sure the IRS would like to hear about it anyway. I feel sorry for the people who get stuck with the Groupons when he folds up his tent like he did in Key West.

  6. Lisa G did you miss the Segway Madic Pods from our Mad studios in Orlando in the fantasy fest parade? And yes due to the law we only offer rentals now. Not as fun but its great to see the town officials pissed off with all the private segway users renting!

    Maybe if things dont get better soon Boston Gliders will offer rentals only. Imagine 35 segways running around with no supervision and as a private user tghey all can go picket at city hall on thier segways.

  7. Actually, Segways are and have been legally prohibited from operating in Old Town Key West (just as they soon will be here, thanks to you). They were illegal when you began operating your business, you challenged it in court and lost. The authorities became more eager to regulate them thanks to your efforts and now the Moped Hospital no longer rents them either. They are not allowed in Disney world and will most likely disappear from Orlando too. The more obnoxious you are, the quicker they disappear, so thanks! Keep up the good work.

  8. Wow Lisa G you are close, just missing a real fact! It was us in Key West and until just about 5 days ago we still had segways in Key West for rentals. Just like in Boston some day if the city continues you will have segways parading around as rentals. As you seem to know so much this it the slow season and with that we tend to move the segways from shop to shop so most of them went to orlando and clearwater. Don’t have any fear in October we will be back to Key West to challenge the city again. This time instead of filling prose in federal court and just pissing people off we will hire an expensive attorney and instead of key west spending 50k in legal they will spend another 8M like the did with the duck tours. So yes our case got dismissed it cost us $200 and we still did rentals. The rentals pissed them off even more, so i call it a win! The issue with Disney well can you say 71M spent to date on the Segway issue in Federal court and costs.

    Just for you Lisa G The more people like you continue to have a closed mind and fail to have real facts, and keep throwing up in your mouth the what ifs, I will continue to be obnoxious to someone like you since i speak in real facts and will not allow people like you to take away or step on our rights. Send me your address I will be glad to send you a certificate for the first glide of the season in Key West. Its great we all get there dress up and parade around.

    Message of the day don’t hate what you dont know or understand. More important emotion removed feedback is always welcome.

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    Boston since 2008 10,744

    Hey good news we found out we didnt need the CV license since food and beverage is less than 10% of revenue! So very soon you could be enjoying that healthy juice or coffee!

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