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Nine City Council Members Send Letter Urging Against Library Closings

In a letter to Boston Public Library President Amy Ryan and the BPL Board of Trustees, nine of the twelve City Councilors said they “believe the BPL needs to broaden of public input and participation, and search for alternatives to neighborhood branch closings.” The Council members say the review process has not vetted other cost-cutting and fundraising alternatives.

The nine members of the 13-member council who signed the letter, dated April 2, included: President Michael Ross, City Councillors At Large Felix Arroyo, John Connolly and Ayanna Pressley, and Councillors Sal LaMattina (District 1), Charles Yancey (District 4), John Tobin (District 6), Chuck Turner (District 7), and Mark Ciommo (District 9).

The Dorchester Reporter is quoting a response from Mayor Menino’s office to the letter. “Engaging in a debate about process is simply a tactic used to distract from the very difficult issues of how best to deliver quality library services to all of our residents.”

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