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Fire Dept. Rescues Elderly Man From Harbor Off Lewis Wharf

BFDLogoTweets from this morning regarding the situation:

  • Engine 8 & Ladder 1 from Hanover St. in the North End responded to a person in the water at Lewis Wharf at 6:42 am. A wheelchair was nearby.
  • An elderly man was in the water by the seawall. Firefighters lowered a ground ladder into the water and 2 firefighters climbed in to help.
  • The man was lifted out and transported by BEMS to Mass General. One firefighter from the water was transported for a cut to his leg.
  • The firefighters reached the man, put a safety belt around him and secured him to the ladder. Rescue 1 then lowered rope down the ladder.
  • Firefighters on the ground lifted the man from the water. Boston EMS then transported him to Mass General to get checked out.
  • The two firefighters in the water were evaluated. One was transported to MGH for further evaluation. Scene cleared at 7:25 am

Captain Mullane describes the incident in the video below:

Read the Boston Globe article.

“I asked him what happened and he said he just didn’t know,” Mullane said, adding that the man told him, ” ‘I just fell in.’ ”