Election of FOCCP Officers & Directors

Election of FOCCP Officers and Directors

The election for Officers and Directors at Large will be held on Tuesday May 11, 2010. FOCCP is accepting nominations for Officers and Directors. The specific positions up for election are:

Vice President
Director At Large (2)

Deadline for nominations is Tuesday, April 27th.  As stated in the By-laws of the organization, “there shall be no nominating committee.”  This means that members in good standing (members who have paid their annual membership dues of $15.00) who wish to run for election, nominate themselves.

If you wish to nominate yourself to run for any of the Officer or Director positions, please submit a nomination statement to the Clerk, Liz Greene, by emailing her at:  Your nomination statement must include your name and address, the position you would like to run for and we encourage you to submit a statement in support of your candidacy.  This information will be posted on the FOCCP website before the May 11th meeting so all members will have an opportunity to see who the nominations are for each position.

We are accepting self-nominations through Tuesday, April 27th.  If you are interested in nominating yourself for any of the above positions and would like more details about the responsibilities of each position, please review the Governance section in the By-Laws by visiting our website.

Below is some general information about the governance of the FOCCP organization. 

According to the By-Laws of the  FOCCP Organization, it is governed by ten Officers & Directors consisting of:

Four Officers:
Vice President *
Two Directors at Large

Four Standing Committee Chairs of:
The current Officers and Directors at Large are:
President – Joanne Hayes-Rines
Treasurer – Virginia Kimball
Clerk – Liz Greene
Directors at Large – Chris Fincham and Michele Brogan.

The current Chairs of the Standing Committees are:
Membership Chair – Meghan Denenberg
Fundraising Chair – Anne Devlin Tagliaferro
Infrastructure Chair – Cole Landers
Horticulture Chair – Mary Ann Esparo

Each Standing Committee Chair is a Board Member.

Please contact the current Standing Committee Chairs via if you are interested in getting involved in any of the above committees or if you are interested in taking on more responsibility.  FOCCP is always looking for new people to get involved with all of its committees.

Elections will be held for the four Officer positions (President, Vice President *, Treasurer & Clerk) and the two Director at Large positions at the May 11, 2010 meeting. Please plan to attend this important meeting.

 All are welcome to nominate themselves! 

* The New Vice President Officer positions listed assume that the new proposed By-Laws (which include the new position of Vice President), will be accepted during the meeting on May 11th before the election.  See details below.

Friends of Christopher Columbus Park By-Laws! 

Proposed changes to the current FOCCP By-Laws will be voted by membership during the May 11th meeting.  Highlights of these changes include:

  • The addition of a Vice President position
  • A new standing committee called Website and Internet Communications
  • The addition or enhancement of several sections including Ethics, Governance, and more details on each Committee.

Please review the proposed By-Laws before the meeting on May 11th so you can be prepared to vote on these changes.  Please visit our website for more details about the suggested changes to the By-Laws at

If you have any questions or suggested changes to the By-Laws, please email Cole Landers, chair of Infrastructure Commitee, at before April 27th. Please note the following:
The vote to amend the By-Laws will take place BEFORE the election.  If the proposed By-Laws are not accepted, the position of Vice President will not exisit and therefore will not be voted on.
You MUST be a member in good standing (dues have been paid) in order to vote.
Your participation in this upcoming meeting is VERY important.  We encourage all to attend!!

May 11th Meeting Details

Location: Mariners House
11 North Square, North End, Boston
(Two doors up from the Paul Revere House)

The Meeting will begin at 6:30 pm

We hope you can join us!!
Thank you for your support of the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park Group.