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Bikers To Target Hanover Street Restaurants

As a protest against motorcycle regulations or a possible prohibition from some Boston streets, Bikers of America is suggesting bikers “target” Hanover Street restaurants. Phil Henegen, A.K.A. “Screwdriver” posted the following suggestion:

Target restaurants on Hanover Street, North End
Suggestion: To boycott all of Boston is a very broad target. It appears some Hanover Street restaurants contacted LaMattina to target bikers, so you and your friends should target them back. There are ways to do this, such as showing up in large numbers at 5pm on a Friday night and taking up all parking spaces while you go and visit the Paul Revere House.”

Read the full blog post at Bikers of America.

Last year, District 1 (includes North End) City Councilor Sal LaMattina proposed and the City Council passed a motorcycle noise ordinance to prevent muffler modification increasing the sound level on motorcycles. The Councilor has also spoken about prohibiting bikers from some Boston streets, such as Hanover Street.

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