Police & Fire

Weekly North End/Waterfront Police Blotter

Highlights from this week’s police blotter for the North End/Waterfront area:

BPD - Boston Police Department Badge LogoLarceny
03/07/10          1:00pm-6:30pm
Victim reports an unknown person stole a ring and a chain from the kitchen counter of her Commercial St. apartment.

Larceny/ Shoplifting
03/10/10          5:50pm
Male suspect arrested for shoplifting at a Hanover St. pharmacy.

Assault & Battery with a motor vehicle
03/11/10          6:47am
Male suspect arrested for Assault & Battery and Destruction of Property after the suspect refused to pay for parking in a Clinton St. garage. Suspect drove through the gate breaking it and then struck the parking attendant with his motor vehicle. Suspect was arrested at scene.

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