North Bennet Street School Workshop Program

The North Bennet Street School Workshop Program offers short-form courses in bookbinding, carpentry, fine woodworking, jewelry making, locksmithing, and preservation carpentry. Take a look at the new Spring and Summer 2010 catalog.


Bookbinder Todd Pattison presents: 

19th Century Bookbinders’ Mistakes- Why they are so fun to look at!

Throughout the 19th century, there were few steps in the bookbinding process that did not require human intervention. With so much human activity involved, errors were sometimes made in the binding process. These mistakes are fun to look at, but they also tell us a lot about the manufacture of bookbindings in the 19th century. This talk will look at some of these mistakes to gain a better insight into the binding process and the attitudes towards materials, labor costs, quality control and what was considered “good enough” to sell to the public.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Books Without Folds: An Artist Talk with Paul Johnson

Once you fold a piece of paper you weaken it. The more you unfold and refold it the weaker it gets. In this illuminating presentation, Paul will demonstrate -supported by numerous examples of his own work produced in the last year – how by using paper mortise-and tenon joints you can make a pop-up book without folded units and without glued sections. He will also show how the joint can itself be a design feature and thus have its own sculptural presence in the book.

Friday, Apr 30, 2010

We anticipate a high turnout for these exciting free evening events, so PLEASE contact us as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.