News from NEWRA’s Parks & Open Spaces Committee

NEWRA’s (North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association) burgeoning Parks & Open Spaces Committee shared the following information from last week’s meeting, courtesy of David Kubiak on behalf of chair Anne Pistorio.

Nina Mukherji represented the Boston Park Advocates at the meeting to raise public concern over proposed additional cuts in the Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation’s (DCR, formerly MDC) budget.  DCR open space and recreational facilities in the North End/Waterfront include the skating rink, the nearby tennis courts, and the Harborwalk adjacent to them.  DCR also manages most of the open space and recreational facilities along both sides of the Charles River, including the Nashua Street Park and the Esplanade.  Go to for information on how to let your state elected officials know that maintenance of our parks should not be neglected or it will take years and many more capital dollars to restore them.  Most of us remember the poor condition of the MDC facilities in our neighborhood a decade or more ago that required major construction to restore.

NEWRA’s Parks Committee has begun to create a map and inventory of our neighborhood parks and possibly a neighborhood parks guide.  Reference was made to a similar, successful effort for East Boston at the website for the East Boston Greenway.


Download East Boston Open Space Map and Guide in pdf. format here:
Outside Page
Inside Map & Guide

The next meeting of NEWRA’s Parks and Open Space Committee will be held on Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 7:00 PM at the Nazzaro Center.
(See the Calendar.)  Most of the meeting will involve planning a community-based park improvement program.  There was general agreement to start with the Gassy (DeFilippo Playground) on Prince Street.

For more information, contact the committee at or visit