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Globe Highlights Greenway Development Failures

The Boston Globe discusses the failed promises for developments along the Rose Kennedy Greenway, as the news came this week ending plans for the New Center for Arts & Culture. The building was designated to go on the ramp parcel near Rowes Wharf. The article reviews the projects that were proposed, but have been canceled or long-delayed.

“Much has changed since plans for the Greenway were unveiled. The Massachusetts Horticultural Society proposed a botanical center spread over three sites, the Boston Museum project had architect Moshe Safde design a building for a plot near Quincy Market, and the New Center showed off drawings for a dramatic four-story structure with a theater, galleries, meeting rooms, and rooftop terrace. Now all of those plans have been abandoned.”


Taking a more critical view than what the Globe calls lost “jewels,” Universal Hub’s Cynic suggests more of a park:

“Perhaps this would be a good moment for the city to step back, take a deep breath, and rethink the entire Greenway scheme. As it stands, it’s a stupendous failure – a relatively narrow strip of grass isolated by two wide roadways, and chopped into short segments by cross-streets. It’s not clear that the city wants, needs, or can support a new array of massive cultural institutions running down its center.”

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