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Globe Highlights Efforts to Get the Rats in the North End

The Boston Globes’s Meghan Irons highlights the baiting and trapping efforts of Pedro Torres, from Inspectional Services in this article.

“After helping to cut the rat infestation in the Fenway and Back Bay, the 30-year veteran has been called to work his magic in the North End and curb the widespread fear the rats are evoking.”

Irons also notes the various city and neighborhood programs that have tried to curb the rodent infestation.

“Anne M. Pistorio, a 24-year resident, walks the North End twice daily and takes careful note of where the rats roam. “Rats,’’ she says almost in a whisper to a passerby. “What we want is to never see a rat again,’’ said Pistorio, a member of the North End/Waterfront Residents Association. “In some parts of the country they have eradicated rats, so why can’t we do it in the North End?’’

Read the full Boston Globe article.

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