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Animated Coverage of LaMattina Getting Hit by a Segway

Chuck Burlap of Action News pokes fun of Councilor Sal LaMattina taking a hit from a Segway in an experiment with Commissioner Tom Timlin.  Universal Hub reported that at a recent City Council hearing, LaMattina recalled the stunt from when he was in the City’s Transportation Department. “It hurt,” he says.

The Segway bit starts about halfway through the video clip below.

On a serious note, there will be a hearing at City Hall on March 23rd at 1:00pm on how Segways should be regulated on Boston’s streets. See the Calendar.

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3 Replies to “Animated Coverage of LaMattina Getting Hit by a Segway

  1. Segway Poem

    In the North End on a Monday
    I almost got hit by a Segway.
    They’re too slow for the street
    But can outrun our feet.
    Can we please just say "No way!" to Segway?

  2. Wow what a day it was Monday I wish it was lottery day since my odds of ferrying hit by a Segway is the same as mass millions.
    Heather bye a lottery ticket.

  3. All i know is this is awesome. We have footage also if people would like to see someone getting hit unlike the city or Segway we did do tests.

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