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Public Safety Meeting Highlights a Robbery, Burglary and Loud Parties

Boston Police reviewed recent North End/Waterfront crime incidents at this week’s NEWNC Public Safety meeting. In general, neighborhood crime statistics show crime at a historically low level. There were a total of 14 crime incidents in January, one more than last year. During the month, the police made 6 arrests, towed 10 cars, gave out 157 moving violations and 327 parking citations.

On the good news front, there were no reports of car break-ins in January, down from six last year. Captain O’Rourke is optimistic that the worst of car larcenies are in the past. He reminds owners to be careful not to leave tempting accessories (gps, laptops, briefcases, etc.) in visible sight in their cars.

As previously reported, there was a robbery at knife point on January 31st. The victim was a 47 year-old food delivery person from Shangri-la Group, delivering to 19 Widget Street around 8:30 pm. An unknown white male was smoking a cigarette outside the address and claimed the food. The suspect robbed the driver of his wallet. When the victim resisted, the suspect slashed his wrist and fled down Salem Street toward Cooper St. The suspect is described as around 30 years old, 6 feet tall, thin build and wearing a bald cap. Police have checked area cameras to no avail and continue investigating.

There was a burglary on January 12th at 121 Fulton Street around 8:00 pm. When the victim returned home, the front door was open and he was missing a laptop and Sony Playstation. There was no sign of forced entry so either the door was left open or the robber had a key. The police have taken prints, but do not have a suspect.

Sgt. Tom Lema gave an update on the loud party situation now that the school semester has started again. Boston Police have broken up five loud parties recently with 2 arrests. (On a side note, there were four student reporters at this meeting.)

28 Fleet Street has been long identified as the worst address in the North End, in terms of loud parties and disorderly conduct.  This month, the police arrested a 26 year-old tenant. After a meeting between public officials, the police and the landlord, this tenant is being evicted from the address. The same landlord also owns 224 Hanover Street, another problem address. Also on Hanover, the police report that 443 Hanover St. has improved lately since a concerned mother became involved.

Police are aware of large groups of young people frequently gathering at Salem & Parmenter Streets. They have been patroling the corner and increasingly breaking up noisy disorder. Separately, a senior citizen at 1 Michelangelo reported several incidents of bad behavior and the police intend to follow-up. Residents are encouraged to call 911 when they witness disorderly activity.

Sgt Lema complimented the North End Against Drugs (NEAD) group that helps kids stay out of trouble. Disturbingly, gangs have been actively recently in Charlestown with a large-scale incident around the Bunker Hill Housing Project with 8 arrests and 7 gun confiscations.

3 Replies to “Public Safety Meeting Highlights a Robbery, Burglary and Loud Parties

  1. Any new update from Sgt Lema about the Nazzaro knife attack that was said to be a domestic dispute in another post?

  2. I asked about the early January Nazzaro Center attack and the Captain said it was still recorded as a sexual incident (and therefore classified). He said he would check to see if it was going to be reclassified. Reading through the lines, it sounds like a reclassification might be forthcoming soon.

  3. Area A-1 followed up and said the Sexual Assault Unit has not changed the status of the Nazzaro Center courtyard incident which remains an open case. SAU cases are confidential.

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