Community Event Notices

2010 Greenway Events and Priorities

At the recent meeting of the Greenway Conservancy Board, a section of the meeting was dedicated to activities and priorities for the upcoming season. In the winter, the Conservancy is sponsoring a “Bright Lights for Winter Nights” campaign. (Great Elm Tree Lighting at North End Greenway Park – Free Community Event on February 11th, 5-6pm).

South of parcel 10, the Conservancy’s horticulture team will replace failed plantings and add some shrubs. More detail on horticulture activities can be found on the Conservancy’s blog.

Executive Director Nancy Brennan used a “Parks in Motion” heading to describe the schedule for the coming year. Recurring activities will include games, storytelling, yo-chi, dance lessons and walking tours. There will be one signature event on Mother’s Day weekend.

Other priorities discussed include the installation of skateboard deterrents and the return of the carousel and farmer’s market. There is skateboarding damage throughout the parks, with severe damage in the Wharf District Parks.  The Conservancy will be installing bars on the curbs to impede boarding.

The fountains will be turned on in May, including the “rings fountain” and the full return of the North End fountains. Last year, the fountain vault was damaged so only some of the fountains were working on the North End Parks.

This year, the Conservancy will install tables, chairs and shading on the Rowes Wharf promenade. Park concessions are also being considered throughout the Greenway, offering beverages and perhaps towels for ring fountain participants.

Comprehensive List of Events, Activities & Fees?
Unfortunately, questions were not allowed about the presented Greenway’s list of events and activities. I followed up with an email to Executive Director, Nancy Brennan, asking whether the checklist of activities shown was the comprehensive list required by law under the State’s legislation:

Chapter 306 of the Acts of 2008, Section 7
Not later than January 31, 2010
and annually thereafter, the conservancy shall prepare an annual statement describing its goals for the upcoming year.  At a minimum, the statement shall include the following: (a) the number and nature of events and program activities to be conducted during the year; (b) the number and characteristics of the public expected to participate in these events; (c) any fees or charges to the public associated with the planned activities and the planned use of such fees or charges; (d) maintenance activities to be undertaken; and (e) any physical modifications or improvements to be carried out.

When this information is disclosed, I will post about it.