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15 Clark Street Trash Violation

15ClarkStTrashThis picture was taken at 3:08 pm Saturday afternoon, February 20th at 15 Clark Street. There are several violations shown in this picture. First, trash is not supposed to be on the street until 5:00 pm the day before pickup which is Monday. So, this garbage will be on the street for two days and nights.

Second, garbage is supposed to be containers or 2-ply bags. CVS-type bags are definitely not allowed, nor loose boxes. By Monday morning, the box and bags will likely be broken up by trash-pickers or gnawed through by rats. The trash will likely be strewn throughout the sidewalk and gutters. Good news for undernourished rats!

Online assessing records indicate the property is owned by Arthur Caras of Lawrence, Mass. Readers may remember that Mr. Caras is the owner of 113 Salem Street which received approval for a controversial expansion a few months ago.

This picture was submitted to City Hall and the Clean Streets committee as part of their effort to identify trash violations. Send your trash violation and rodent pictures to for posting.

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