Greenway Leadership Council Meeting Agenda – January 13

Rose Kennedy Greenway Leadership Council Meeting
January 13, 2010
4:00 – 6:15 pm

185 Kneeland Street, First Floor Conference Room


4:00 I. Welcome                                                     Ann Thornburg, Chair
• Minutes of the October 14 and 20, 2009 Meetings
o Vote to approve

4:10 II. GLC Operating Protocols                     Ann Thornburg
• Discussion

4:30 III. FY10 Budget Priorities                         Nancy Brennan, Executive
• Context and Comparisons                                 Director
• Operations and Capital Costs
o Analysis and Explanation
• Early thinking about FY11

5:00 IV. Parks Report                                          Linda Jonash, Director,
• Tables & Chairs                                               Planning and Design
• Dewey Square Parks Update

5:15 V. Update on Adjacent Development             Linda Jonash

5:30 V. 2010 Season – Ideas, Input and Discussion
Public Programs (Alexandra Lee hosts)

5:50 VI. Public Comments and Questions

VII. Next Meeting Date and Close at 6:15pm