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Boston Meet Boa

E. Kevin Schopfer is way ahead of other Boston urban designers and developers. As seen on Yanko Design (via and, he thinks Boston really needs a “Boa” which stands for Boston Arcology Urban Housing. It’s a floating city that sits in Boston Harbor, shown below at the edge of Long Wharf.


Some of the “features:”
“It will be capable of housing 15,000 people distributed in hotels, offices, retail, museums, condominiums, and a new city hall.”

Look Ma, no shadows! “Because of its scale, Boa is positioned perpendicular to the waterfront, preserving view corridors and general development massing.”

Forget the Greenway, “the “sky gardens” will create a sense of neighborhood presence and support a range of sustainable initiatives. A massive park system platform (pedestrian only) will be more than double the current green space allocation for the waterfront of Boston.”

“The foundation of Boa is a series of poured concrete cells, which are combined to form a buoyant platform. The grid of these cells serves as the foundation for the rigid steel.”

“Boa is designed to expand the horizon of sustainability and will seek LEED certification.”

“Boa’s design alignments have a unique relationship with the Boston common. What appear to be random projections of massing are actually fashioned as a vertical construct of the “common.”

Boa at Night
Boa at Night

I hear the Boston Redevelopment Authority is putting together an Impact Advisory Group now. Sign up here.

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  1. Cool but it is too high and it will probably meet with opposition. Thanks Matt.
    I signed up for the IAG and I urge other interested parties to do the same.

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