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Saus Boston at 33 Union St. Applies for 3am Food Service License

33 Union Street is near the Union Oyster House. This is outside the North End and only a victualler license application (no alcohol) so it is unlikely to be heard by the North End/Waterfront neighborhood groups.


Speaking on the late-night closing hour issue, Lawrence Harmon, supports 4am food licenses in this op-ed inside today’s Globe. He contends that revelers need the time to sober up and eat while they dispurse gradually instead of emptying out all at 2am.

He sets the stage of the current 2am last call situation as:
“Somebody’s daughter in a short black skirt is passed out in an alley off Commercial Street. At the edge of Faneuil Hall, an almost vertical woman challenges a man to a fight in front of the Hong Kong restaurant – home of the infamous scorpion bowl. And something bad is brewing at Kitty O’Shea’s on State Street where police and bouncers are giving the bum’s rush to a stocky guy with a bloody head and a shredded shirt. Behold the grandeur that is Boston’s downtown night club district on a recent Saturday night.”

Read the entire piece here.