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North End Union Owner Tops List of Tax Delinquents

Owner of the North End Union building at 20 Parmenter St., Joe Perroncello, has topped this year’s list of the City’s top property tax delinquents. As reported in the Boston Herald, Perroncello is a repeat member of the annual list published by the City of Boston. This year, he topped the list with $210,773 in past due taxes although the North End Union building is not included on the published list. He owns a 15-room home in Back Bay assessed at $5 million as well as properties on State St., Norfolk St. (Roxbury) among other office buildings downtown. The city will put a lien on the delinquent properties until the taxes are paid.

Sketch of Proposed North End Union Building

Perroncello is in the middle of a renovation at 20 Parmenter St. that has been in transition and unoccupied for about 10 years. The parcel also connects to Hanover St. and some residents have started to call that site the “Hanover Hole” because construction has been continuously delayed.

The neighborhood groups recently supported Perroncello in his zoning request to add an additional floor and roof deck as part of the conversion to residences. The Zoning Board of Appeal granted the relief with provisions.

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